Transformice MapPad 0.68 Released!

It’s been a while since my last post here; I’d like to clarify that I keep working on the next update and things are going fairly well so far. Having updated the way MapPad processes certain actions, which I’ve already mentioned in a past post if I recall correctly, I am now ready to move on to adding new features.

Cute Bear Tribe Map

Finally i'm finished this easy map. This is easy map, but i create it for 2 day, wow -_-. That's because i create this just 10 minute perday :3.

Transformice MapPad 0.64 Released

The Transformice MapPad is an external map editor, its layout and primary funcionality were inspired by the application XAMLPad which allows the user to instantly see what the visual representation of the code will look like.
While initially the program only consisted of the code box and the viewport which simply displayed the map, the application now has a lot more features to make certain map editing tasks easier.